Are you fed up with always feeling broke while everyone else gets to have fun? Are you annoyed with how you don't know where your money's going?

I'm going to show you how you can finally live the life that you want by simplifying this whole money thing so that you never have to worry about your finances again. This course will give you the tools to save money for whatever you want without missing out on fun.

I want you to have six figures in your bank account by starting with the first $10k. You can't get to $100k if you don't have $10k. You have to start somewhere. I want to make personal finance easy so that you can save up for whatever you want.

I know that you're still reading because you're ready to finally feel in control of your money and your life.

Save 10k in 6 months

Can you imagine your life with money in the bank? Can you imagine not stressing about every single purchase? I want to make money management easy for you because there's more to life than thinking about a budget 24/7.

I have a feeling that you're currently annoyed with this whole personal finance world. You have no idea how to save a dollar or how to manage your money. College never prepared you for this.

Here's the good news: You don't have to be a financial whiz to get into money. You don't have to commit your life to studying stock charts and reading about the finance section to have money in your bank account. You keep this stuff simple.

When we first try getting into money management we do one of the following:

  1. We create an unrealistic financial plan aka "I'm never shopping again." SHUT UP! You're going to shop again. You can't crash budget.
  2. We try to get rich in one shot. News flash: it takes time to get rich. You can't make millions from selling tea to your family.
  3. We listen to a drunk relative who has a hot stock pick. We follow this advice only to end up losing money when there's a market crash.

When that fails we give up on personal finance. We go back to complaining about being broke.

Here's a money secret that nobody ever shares with you...

You have to find a reason to save. When you find a reason to save, you have to start putting money aside slowly. You can pay yourself first by having money automatically deducted from your pay. Put your money away so that you don't see it. Put aside $50 or so every week to blow on whatever you want in the future. Get into the habit of saving money so that it becomes automatic. You'll also have money when the time is right to make an investment.

Are you fed up with being confused about where your money's going?

I have a feeling that I know where you are right now...

  • You've tried everything to get ahead with your money. You start to save money, but you give up after spending too much money one weekend. You don't know where to start. You feel like you're going to be broke forever.
  • You're making money. You just want more out of life. You don't know how to be able to afford the things that you want.
  • You don't want to be broke. You want to be able to afford cool things. You want to be able to travel.
  • Perhaps you're even feeling annoyed with yourself and your lack of money. You feel like you're going to be broke forever.

What would life look like with extra cash in the bank?

This could be more trips, a new condo, or just the ability to eat out without feeling guilty.

Are you tired of being confused about your money? Are you fed up with being broke? Does it feel like you're going nowhere?

There's so much information online. You don't know who to listen to.

You think that you have to stay in 24/7 and give up on life to get into this whole money thing. You feel like the only way to have money in the bank is to win the lottery or to inherit it. You joke about waiting to win the lottery or to inherit money. We both know that's not happening (anytime soon).

You have no money. You're stressed out. You thought that by now you would be flying in jets and living in a nice place. You're either still at home or renting a crapy apartment with annoying roommates. You want a better life. You don't want to be broke. You don't want to feel guilty over going out. You want to start having fun.

Look, not everyone is altruistic and looking to change the world. I'm certainly not. I got into money management because I was a greedy guy looking to have fun. I know that you don't care about corny motivational quotes and all of that stuff. You just want to be able to afford to move out or to not stress about going away for the weekend.

Personal finance can be really confusing. Then you go and read articles about how someone went from rags to riches and now you feel guilty. I'm not here to make you feel guilty.

I can't promise you that you're going to become a millionaire overnight. I'm not selling you a dream here.

I can help you get started. I can help you had $10k to your bank account (which will turn into $100k when you repeat the process).

Right now is the best time to start caring about YOUR money.

If you don't start building momentum right now, it's going to be much more difficult in the future. Life should get easier as you get older. You don't want life to be tougher. You don't want to have to be stuck at a job that you hate just because you never bothered to start saving up.

Here are a few harsh truths that you need to accept about your financial situation right now:

  • Money management gets tougher as you get older, not easier.
  • It sucks to be stuck at a job that you hate because you can't figure out how to get out since you're so broke.
  • It's beyond pathetic to be forced to live at home in your 30s.
  • Travel is fun. Eating at your favorite restaurant every weekend is everything that it's cracked up to be.
  • You don't want to be stuck at home while your friends get to enjoy life.
  • You really don't want to be forced to work until you're 70 because you couldn't get your shit together in your 20s.

Everyone wants to sell you on some hot stock pick. You think that the scheme you read about will get you rich. You just end up losing money and becoming more pissed off.


You can save up $10k if you start right now. This is not some scam. I'm not promising you riches. You don't have to sell anything to your relatives. I just want to see you have $10k and then $100k in your bank account. I want you to start today.

Are you annoyed with waiting for something to happen?

You wait until you have lots of money to start saving. You wait until the time is right. You wait until the mentor shows up. This moment never happens. There's never six figures in your bank account. Nothing ever happens. You just keep on keeping on.

Is this what you thought would happen? Did you want to be broke at this age?


Don't accept failure. Don't accept being a broke joke. Don't settle for being a loser.

Where do you want to be in your 30s?

  • You don't want to be that person who can't afford an appetizer or to go out for a friend's birthday.
  • You don't want to be staying in because you're too ashamed to admit that you have $7 in your bank account.
  • You don't want to be stuck at home because you can't afford to move out.

Look, I know it's fun to share memes about being broke. They're hilarious. Nobody actually wants to be broke. Your bank account is nothing to be laughing about.

We all assume that one day things will get better. We think that if we keep on keeping on, things will start to make sense.

Sure, they will. If you start working on them right now. Do you want to wake up at 35 and wonder why you have no money? Do you really want to be one of those people living with regret about how they squandered all of their money?

Do you really want to continue like this? Life's too short to be broke.

I want you to imagine life with your money on auto-pilot.

I got into saving money at 17 or so because I just wanted to have a fun life. I wasn't looking to change the world or anything. I simply wanted options. I grew up poor and wanted changes. I wanted the option to do whatever I wanted to do.

I have two quick stories for you.

Story #1: Throwing a surprise party for mom.

Could you afford to throw your mom a surprise party?

In 2016 I decided to throw my mom a surprise party for her 50th birthday. This obviously wasn't a cheap project. I had to supply all of the booze and food for 30 Polish people with an appetite for a wild evening.

I didn't stress about the cost once. Do you want to know why? I had the money the money in my savings account. If I was broke I wouldn't be able to pull this off. I don't know about you but I love spoiling my loved ones.

Story #2: Traveling around the world.

how you can afford to travel

"How do you afford to travel so much?"

I have friends who can't afford to travel. They constantly ask me how I do it. I share all of my secrets on Studenomics. By finding a system for saving money, you're able to save up for any long-term and short-term goals.

I want to see the world. Life's too short to be watching your friends do cool stuff on social media.

It's difficult to do anything in life if you don't know where your money's going. With money, you can do whatever you want. This changes the game.

I've put everything I've ever learned into one course. I want to help you get to $10k in the bank so that you can eventually set yourself up for more success in the future.

The trick is to get started with some momentum. I want to help you get real results. We won't be singing songs by the campfire. We're going to be getting real results.

I'll be devoting my energy into this. I'm going to work with you as you go through the course.

I want to set you on the right path. I don't want you to be confused.

Here's where I'll take you with my new $10k Club course.

  • $10,000 in the bank.
  • A clear idea of what to do to get to next level.
  • Less stress about finances. You shouldn't have a nervous breakdown every time that you think about money.
  • A side income to have more money for the fun stuff (going out every weekend, being able to travel, not feeling guilty about getting the premium Tinder account, and so on).
  • The plan for how you can party while still saving money.
  • How to invest in yourself to ensure that you're always making more money.
  • Tips for finding the perfect support system so that you can't fail.

Imagine being able to buy a new pair of shoes without panicking? Imagine finally knowing what's happening with your money?

Who have I helped?

I've been helped readers like you for ten years now. Studenomics is all about the case studies. Your results are my results.

Here are some sample results:

  • Theo was able to quit a job that he hated to start his own tutoring company. This company experienced astronomical growth and now Theo is traveling through Europe.
  • Matt quit his job to make tables. He has his own shop and lives on his own terms.
  • Jacquelyn came to me confused about money. She was $48k in debt. She was confused. We worked together until she was debt-free. Download the guide to see the full story if you're looking for inspiration. See how Jacquelyn paid off $48k worth of debt.

What will your case study look like?

I'm here to announce the official launch of the $10K Club.

I want you to join this course. I'm here to help you figure this out.

You get all of my guides every created. You get access to me. I won't let you fail. I'm limiting entry to 20 people at a time.

What's in here?

  • How to actually set realistic goals so that you're not lost.
  • How to figure out where your money's going.
  • Finding ways to save money.
  • How to make more money.
  • What you can do in your spare time to get ahead.
  • Dealing with setbacks because we all make mistakes.
  • My best investments.
  • The exact steps to investing in yourself.
  • How you can build a support system that won't let you fail.
  • Access to all of my premium guides and books.

I don't hide anything from you. I want to show you what has worked best for me in my life. I'll work with the first 20 people who sign up. I'll get on the line with you and we won't get off until you have a plan. I'm the coach that you need in your corner.

You've made it this far, here's what that means...

  • You obviously want to get to the next level with your finances.
  • You're fed up with being confused about this whole money thing.
  • You're ready to set yourself up for success.
  • You're annoyed with annoying motivational quotes.

Get started with the $10K Club.

The move is yours. What do you want your life to look like? I imagine that you don't want to be broke in your 30s like you were in your 20s.

How Did a Teenage Punk Get Into Personal Finance?

I show you what brings me here and why I even care about this whole idea of money management. I started off as a teenage punk who just wanted to travel the world. I eventually decided to write about money to help regular people like me. Now here I am ten years later.

How Do I Save Money? How Do I Make Money?

Do you want to have money for the things that you enjoy in life? Do you want to make more money? I share my exclusive tips for saving money and making money so that you can do whatever you want in life while you're still young.

I've helped students just like you get started with personal finance. Some readers have quit their jobs to start businesses, others have paid off debt, and some just finally made a financial plan so that they could go out every weekend without feeling guilty.

I want to transform your finances. I want to coach you to your first $10k in the next six months.

This course comes with a money back guarantee. If you go through every worksheet and are still confused, then I'll gladly refund you your money.

Get started now!

Get started now!